Our Drilling Services

Drillserv specialise in providing the following professional drilling services in Qatar:

Deep Recharge Wells

Deep Recharge Wells are the most practical and economical option for disposing of water generated from various industries. These Deep Recharge Wells provide protection against flooding from extreme weather events, and the disposing of surface and drainage water. Often existing drainage networks are limited and cannot accommodate the massive discharge volumes from the booming construction industry and extreme seasonal rain events.  Deep recharge wells are the best option for a safe, permanent and hassle-free disposal method given the lack of alternatives.

Several advantages over conventional water disposal systems include:

  • Suitable for disposing of any surface, drainage or ground waters.
  • Savings on installations and cost of lengthy discharge pipework.
  • Savings on road crossings or horizontal drillings
  • Savings on pump and diesel costs associated with conventional drainage methods.
  • Easy to maintain since it is inside project boundary.
  • Requires only minimal space at surface as discharge is underground.
  • Relatively easy approval from authorities.
  • A proven technology used throughout Qatar and the GCC.

Water Source Wells

Water Source Wells for production or monitoring boreholes, Drillserv have experienced and qualified personnel whom are able to change between RC, air and mud rotary drill methodologies. This allows for flexibility to ensure best value for money and to meet project deadlines.

Design and Drilling of Aquifer Testing Programmes

Drillserv employs experienced hydrogeologists who are capable of designing, implementing and analysing pumping test programs to suit client needs. These may vary from simple aquifer discharge tests to evaluate aquifer parameters to full scale hydrogeological and geochemical modelling.

Top Hole Drilling

Top Hole Drilling is any top section of an oil, gas or unconventional hydrocarbon well drilled and completed above the reservoir zones. The relatively shallow depth and lower hazard environment allows for smaller, fit-for-purpose rigs to drill, case and cement the surface and intermediate casing strings for a fraction of the cost of using the main reservoir rig. It also allows for drilling of key sections of the wells to be performed ‘off-line’, thereby allowing better planning and savings.

Drillserv partners were part of the team that successfully developed and implemented the tophole program in PDO (Shell) which led to average savings of $ 297,000USD per well drilled.

We have successfully implemented tophole programs with a number of key oilfield clients in Oman from installing large diameter (36”) surface casing as well as installing deep 1200m 9⅝” diameter intermediate casing.

Seismic Up holes

Drillserv can carry out a variety of drilling techniques in a variety of locations, including difficult and remote locations for projects such as slimhole and seismic upholes where rapid drilling and testing in difficult conditions is paramount to the success of the project.



Drillserv | Drilling Services Qatar, Deep Recharge Wells, Top Hole Drilling

Drillserv | Drilling Services Qatar, Deep Recharge Wells, Top Hole Drilling


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